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Visiting the Studio

Walk ins and new students are welcome. Check the schedule and arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out a waiver form and settle in.

Please turn cell phones off before entering or leave them in your car. Help us maintain a quiet, distraction-free environment.

Yoga is practiced with bare feet. Bring a yoga sticky mat to prevent you from slipping and sliding. We have a few public loaner mats if you need to borrow one.

Avoid wearing strong scents, lotions or perfumes. Help us keep the air fresh and clean to promote full, healthy breathing.

Please arrive on time as the lobby/front desk are located in the yoga room. Doors may be locked to allow the instructor and students to maintain focus during class. ​

Please consult your physician before practicing yoga with health concerns and always practice comfortably and compassionately.

Listen to your body, be good to yourself and always breathe and move consciously. Each moment is new, be present for them all.

Our experienced instructors are excited to talk to you about your practice and answer any questions you might have. Please talk to us!

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