Practice Peace


Downey Dog Yoga is a locally owned community based yoga studio. We are focused on teaching all aspects of the yoga tradition in a calm, peaceful and welcoming environment

"A smile is the beginning of peace."
- Mother Teresa 

Practice Peace

There's a perfect yoga style for every body at any time. Listen to your body and find your true, unique practice.

Passes and Specials

We offer different class passes to fit your scheduling needs. Try our intro Welcome Pass to discover what we have to offer.

Time Just For You

Contact us to schedule private sessions, group classes and for info on how to rent the studio for your private events.

Visiting The Studio

Walk ins and new students are welcome. Check the schedule and arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out a waiver form and settle in.

Please turn cell phones off before entering or leave them in your car. Help us maintain a quiet, distraction-free environment.

Yoga is practiced with bare feet. Bring a yoga sticky mat to prevent you from slipping and sliding. We have a few public loaner mats if you need to borrow one.

Avoid wearing strong scents, lotions or perfumes. Help us keep the air fresh and clean to promote full, healthy breathing.

Please arrive on time as the lobby/front desk are located in the yoga room. Doors may be locked to allow the instructor and students to maintain focus during class. ​

Please consult your physician before practicing yoga with health concerns and always practice comfortably and compassionately.

Listen to your body, be good to yourself and always breathe and move consciously. Each moment is new, be present for them all.

Our experienced instructors are excited to talk to you about your practice and answer any questions you might have. Please talk to us!

"A person experiences life as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. Our task must be to free ourselves from this self-imposed prison, and through compassion, to find the reality of Oneness."
- Albert Einstein
Downey Dog Yoga

Downey Dog Yoga

Kim, Co-Owner and Instructor

Kim, Co-Owner and Instructor

Shannon, Co-Owner and Instructor

Shannon, Co-Owner and Instructor

Leia, instructor

Leia, instructor

The studio space

The studio space


Downey Dog Yoga's mission is to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellness by providing affordable, high quality yoga sessions to people of all ages and levels so they can reconnect and nourish their mind and body to lead a healthy lifestyle and find comfort, peace and balance.

This old general store reminds us of a simple and peaceful time. Downey Dog Yoga offers a balanced mix of playful, energy and quieting relaxations throughout the schedule and welcomes all levels of experience to all classes.

Downey Dog Yoga is the product of intention and a belief that through yoga, community and consciousness begins to open us to our true potential. This is your practice, breathe in the things that serve you and release the things that don't.

Click on photos for descriptions. For full bios, click on the instructor's name on the online scheduler.


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you!

All questions and suggestions are welcome.

Everyone at Downey Dog Yoga thanks you for helping to build community through yoga.

1301 Downey Street
Radford, VA 24141

(540) 505-0432

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Kim, Co-Owner and Instructor

Kimberly discovered Yoga in 1999 as a way to relieve the stresses of working in the hospitality industry and has never looked back. Her love of the practice inspired her to read and study to learn as much as she could about yoga. She is both grateful and honored to have studied extensively with many yoga masters. In her classes, Kim speaks from an embodiment of experience and encourages personal exploration and expression. She hopes to share the practice of yoga with the surrounding areas.